Horror Rewind gives you the opportunity to help support bringing back real horror / thriller movies to the big screen.

What has happened to classic horror films?


You know the ones that use to cross the line back and forth between the horror and thriller genres.


Horror vs Thriller


If you don’t know the difference between horror and thriller, you can easily spend days on the internet reading articles on this topic. That is not what were here for today. The real issue is what has happened to classical horror and thriller movies and how do we bring them back. It seems today were just feed a bunch of remakes with CGI and jump scares precisely timed every 15 minutes during the movie.


To be honest, it now seems that Hollywood is all about remakes. The film worked and made a lot of money 30 years ago so let make it again exactly the same but were going to change everything. Sound confusing? It should.


I remember those days well, when James Cameron’s film Aliens had me scared to death. I remember sitting there with me eyes covered through most of William Friedkin’s film The Exorcist. Pulling at our innermost fears is what made these great movies.


Bringing Back Real Horror/Thriller Movies


So how do we bring back the films that had us checking under our bed at night to make sure nothing was under there? How do we once again instill that fear of closing our eyes and falling asleep, or terrified that something might happen to someone we love.


The answer is simple, and it’s were we are shifting our focus.  It has been 20 years since a movie has honestly crossed the lines between horror and thriller and left us on the edge of our seat with an ending twist that will be talked about forever.  Night Shyamalan did an amazing job with The Sixth Sense (1999) merging the two genres together without the need for endless jump scares.


As independent filmmakers we’re are not required to play by the rules in the creative process. There are some rules we must follow when working with union professionals, but the art is up to us. In other words, we do not have to add jump scares or other elements in the film that has become the normal for horror/thriller movies today. This allows us to focus on what really scares you and allows us to venture into the elements of your worst nightmare.


How Can You Help?


Steel Rain Productions, LLC has launched a new program called Horror Rewind to create new short and feature length films that include the elements of classical horror and thriller films. With our current selection of movies all in different stages from being Pitched to Pre-Production we are on track to make several films at this time.


While each of these films can be accomplished on a shoestring budget (completed with little to no money) are goal is to make each of them larger than life with possibilities of full theatrical releases.  Each film will provide you with an opportunity to support and/or be part of the project through crowd funding sources.


Here is the current list of projects currently in development or production.


The Door (Short /Proof of Concept Pilot) – 2019 YouTube


Weekender (short) – Pre-Production


Coercive (Feature) – Development


The Unknown (short) – Treatment / Script


The Hunt (feature) – Pitch


Into the Woods (feature) – Pitch


Ready to be part of this unique opportunity?



Watch this 1 minute short Horror film about a little girl scared to sleep in her room alone. Stay on top of all the opportunities to support upcoming horror film projects.